New treatment option for AGENT ORANGE?


By Charles Spillar


Recently I have found out that some great results have been experienced by veterans suffering from Agent Orange. I am not a physician so I am just reporting my findings,

The treatment I am excited about is called Chelation Therapy. It has been around since WWII when it was developed to remove lead from sailor’s blood that had painted ships with lead paint. I discovered it when I had the option of surgery or find an alternative for plaque build-up in my arteries.

Before accepting any doctors recommendation against Chelation, I highly recommend you doing extensive research yourself since it is your body and not theirs. I found enough testimonials on youtube to help make my decision. Physicians make a lot more money when they can operate on you.

The medical doctor I used for my chelation treatments is Dr. Marcia Coyle and I highly recommend her clinic that has been around for over 40 years.( While there I met so many people from all over the United States  that achieved such amazing results that I realized most  American doctors don’t know much about chelation. In Europe before ever considering a patient for by-pass surgery they require chelation first, to determine IF the operation is necessary.

Recently Dr. Coyle and I discussed veterans exposed to Agent Orange. Since she had been in the  Army  during the Vietnam era before becoming a medical doctor, she was very familiar with AO. It was not until she became a medical doctor that in 1980 when she opened her chelation clinic in San Luis, Mexico (south of Yuma) veterans starting coming to her with peripheral neuropathy caused by Agent Orange. The results were significant. Dr. Coyle also informed me that veterans with Parkinson’s and prostate cancer got relief.

As anyone exposed to Agent Orange realizes it has also been possibly responsible for Hodgkins and leukemia as well as lung cancers. Chelation appears to alleviate some of the side effects combined with high concentration of Vitamin C.

Ever since Desert Storm, veterans have explained to me about all the heavy metals they have been exposed to and I told them to definitely consider chelation therapy. The treatments take approximately 3 hours to complete and at least 20 treatments are recommended. The cost at the Coyle clinic are only $70 per treatment and she highly recommends getting high doses of Vitamin C with the EDTA chelation therapy. In the states most chelation treatments can be as high s $200 per treatment with an average around $150.

Do your research and talk to others that have experienced Chelation before doing it. It works and I don’t care what the Mayo clinic or other clinics say. They don’t make money unless they operate on you. The decision is totally yours, IF you are not getting positive results from your present treatments give chelation a chance.

To get informed check youtube videos on Chelation and read these older books you can find cheap on Amazon. BYPASSING BYPASS by Elmer Cranton, M. D. & Arline Brecher and FORTY SOMETHING FOREVER, A Consumer’s guide to Chelation Therapy by Harold & Arline Breacher.

Dr. Coyle can be reached via her website above. She is an American doctor that has her clinic in San Luis, Mexico. It is located just a short walk across the border from San Luis, AZ. south of Yuma, AZ.

6 thoughts on “New treatment option for AGENT ORANGE?

  1. I have been working on a project to help veterans. chelation is close to the top of my list. First I was looking for. Way to get heavy metals test. Then you see if you have a problem. I was told over and over we don’t do that and your insurance do sent pay for it. I payed the $295 and found out I had 99% lead poisoning. I painted ships in the navy 1969 to 1972. I am paying $200 a treatment for chelation. Totals around $8,000
    I am thinking of doing a fund raiser for vets to get this treatment. I am not even going to ask the VA or 9nsurance company’s to pay as they will not. Sad but true.


    • Monty, The Coyle clinic in San Luis Mexico, just across the border from San Luis, AZ only charges $70 per treatment. You would have overnight stay charges but still may be cheaper. Coyle clinic has been around for over 40 years and is owned by an American physician, Dr. Marcia Cloyle. They have a web site. I have had chelation there and highly recommend them.


  2. I had bypass in 1998. I started having chest pain in 2000. I found out about Chelation from someone on the Internet! I went to Dr. Coyle for treatment in 2000! I had 10 treatments in 10 days. My pain stop After the 5th treatment. I have been back to Dr. Coyle 5 times in 16 years. I am going back in May 20 for 10 more treatments! I am 78 years old This may be the last time I go! Wish me luck?
    Frank Delattre


  3. I wish you success. Dr. Coyle has been treating my Dad for 5 weeks now. He’s 83. He was treated, back in 1998, I believe, for precautionary issues with heart and diabetes. Dr. Coyle and Barbara are this best to work with. Being a daughter, I appreciate their consideration of listening to their patient and the people joining them in their journey to live a better life.


  4. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for this information. I will be sharing it with my husband, who was exposed in Viet Nam, and just recently found that out (he was on an aircraft carrier; his co-worker/buddy was just officially diagnosed, and they worked side by side). My husband suffers from many of the symptoms – ADHD, anger issues, plus COPD (no issues until he returned stateside), and some others. Now we may have an answer, which is huge.

    You may want to correct the link to Dr. Coyle’s clinic. It may have originally been a .com, but it is now a .org. The .com version is an Asian website for cosmetic surgery.

    Thanks again,


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