Treatment of Military Concussion in Israel by Dr. Carol Henricks


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ( HBOT ) is the standard of care treatment for traumatic brain injury ( TBI ) / military blast injury in Israel. The citizens and the military in Israel have been exposed to blast after blast explosion throughout their history, and they recognize the nature and effects of that blast exposure. Their standard of care treatment is a combination of biological intervention (HBOT and nutrients) and interdisciplinary rehabilitation including cognitive therapy with individuals, groups, peer groups and computer labs. They conclude that the combination of therapies is the most cost and time effective way for bringing the patients back to their normal lives.

I have been corresponding with Dr. Shai Efrati who is the Director of The Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research. His center treats 120 patients a day. Initial screening includes a Brain SPECT scan and Brain perfusion MRI with DTI as well as neurological and neurocognitive evaluation. Patients with concussion have a 3 month treatment protocol. Their treatment protocol includes 60 daily sessions of hyperbaric oxygen done 5 days a week. In fact American military veterans are traveling to Israel for treatment.

Daniel Rona who has fought with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as well as the US military states that in Israel “In essence, our mental attitude is that we must take care of ourselves and through that process little Israel has become a blessing for the rest of the world…we treasure our soldiers, young and old. They are our only defenders….no one else will fight our battles. You can imagine that every concussive event will be treated with HBOT !” Chambers can operate around the clock, except on the Sabbath, as needed. Ofer Levy states that “the policy of the IDF is that life has the highest value and they are committed to use any treatment, in any case, to save a life”.


9 thoughts on “Treatment of Military Concussion in Israel by Dr. Carol Henricks

  1. At some point will you publish the results you are seeing? To get support in the US we need well designed studies with measurable outcomes. This will help us get the funding to support the treatment and studies to allow us to call this “evidence based” standard of care.


    • When the study is completed Dr. Paul Harch will be publishing the study. We have so much research on HBOT. China has used it for over 50 years. Russia treats over 74 conditions with HBOT. It is a standard of care in Israel for TBI/PTSD. IF you visit you will see lots more information. The state of Oklahoma approved FREE HBOT treatments for all their veterans in the state. My non-profit is presently treating 2 Army Ranger Special ops veterans with amazing results. We will be doing a video on their progress on youtube in the future.


  2. […] In China and Russia, they have whole hospitals set up with nothing but rows of chambers on each floor of the hospital.  It is particularly helpful in treating drug and alcohol addiction.  The British offer HBOT as a private sector treatment and consider it so safe that no physician prescription or supervision is required all the way to 2.0 atmospheres or 15 pounds of pressure.  That was by act of Parliament.  The Israelis replicated the U.S. brain injury work at Louisiana State University, and offer HBOT to every citizen because it is so effective in treating traumatic brain injury (TBI) and blast injury.  Keep in mind Israel is basically a war zone with intermittent shelling from people who want to blow the country off the map. […]

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  3. I am a danish woman, who suffers from brain injury due to the doctors mistreatment of me two years back. I was born with a cyst in my brain thet needed to get out, because it caused a very high pressure in my brain. Unfortunately the doctors did not take the situation serious (enough), and because of this, I got three blod cluts. Because of that I have a lot of nerve pain in the right side og my body (especially in the right heel), I have lost almost 50% of my vision (to the right), and my memory is very bad. But I have read a lot about HBOT and I am very interested in the treatment. Maybe you can recommend the best texts about the topic? I need to apply for a lot of grants (illness “scholorships”) in Denmark. But would you say that there is a chance that HBOT treatment could help me? BEST, Ane, Denmark


    • Dear Ane,

      I would highly recommmend you pursue HBOT. Whereas it may not make you perfect again, it will highly improve your quality of life. I recommend you spend some time on Dr. Paul Harch’s site as he is the leading researcher and practitioner at present. Dr. Henricks, our medical Director, is a neurologist with over 13 years experience working with HBOT. DR. Harch site is and Dr. Henrick’s site is Also please spend time watching youtube videos on hyperbaric oxygen therapy-TBI. FYI, Russia has been using HBOT for over 50 years as has China. In Israel this coming May 2017 they are holding an International Conference on Hyperbaric Oxygen and the Brain. Authorities from all over the world will be attending. For veterans suffering TBI/PTSD we recommend they visit. for information and clinic locations in the US.

      Just found this site online about HBOT and the eyes.
      It appears there is a HBOT facility in Copenhagen at present.

      Good luck.


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